Carbon Markets and Finance

Carbon markets, are markets that allow for the trading of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to help companies and countries reduce their carbon footprint. The market value for carbon has grown exponentially over the past decade. Through this economic approach we aim to contribute to the development of low-carbon, climate resilient pathways for our present and future generations.


There is no universal definition of what 'Climate Finance' means. According to the OECD  remains an imprecise term that has no commonly accepted definition. However, it is generally understood to mean those financial resources that are directed at supporting climate change related actions -such as mitigation and adaptation interventions- in developing countries. It covers a wide range of sources (both public and private as well as international) and mechanisms (e.g. grants, concessional loans, debt, green bonds).  Carbon finance seeks to explore the economic implications of a carbon-constrained world by putting a price on carbon dioxide and other GHG emissions. This market approach is necessary for addressing key issues regarding climate change and GHG emissions and to reach the ultimate goal of the Paris Agreement.

From a corporate perspective, Climas can assist with environmental  and climate risks (including physicals and transitional risks) and opportunity assessments in order to achieve environmental objectives and a low-carbon, climate-resilient pathway. With strategic management decision making, financial risks and environmental degradation can be avoided while investing in GHG emission reduction projects.

We also assist organizations to become "green" as part of a Green Recovery under the COVID-19 Pandemic.