Mitigation & Adaptation

Climas LLC provides comprehensive climate adaptation, mitigation planning and solutions, as well as a wide range of sustainability management and planning services.

We provide services that focus primarily on strategic advice on the development of institutional arrangements for climate change action and planning, greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction activities, the development of Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs), Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs), Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs), environmental policies, regulations, and climate finance.

  • Energy

  • Waste Management

  • Transport

  • Forestry

  • Industry

  • Agriculture 

  • Buildings

  • REDD+

Carbon Markets & Finance

Climate finance remains an imprecise term that has no commonly accepted definition. However, it is generally understood to mean those financial resources that are directed at supporting climate change related actions in developing countries (i.e. both adaptation and mitigation as well as relevant reporting activities). It covers a wide range of sources (both public and private) and mechanisms (e.g. grant finance and concessional loans).  Carbon finance seeks to explore the economic implications of a carbon-constrained world by putting a price on carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions. This market approach is necessary for addressing key issues regarding climate change and GHG emissions.

From a corporate perspective, Climas can assist with environmental risk and opportunity assessment in order to achieve environmental objectives. With strategic management decision making, financial risks and environmental degradation can be avoided while investing in GHG emission reduction projects.

Carbon markets, also known as carbon trading, are markets that allow for the trading of carbon dioxide emissions to help companies and developing countries reduce their carbon footprint. The market value for carbon has grown exponentially over the past decade. Through this economic approach we aim to contribute to the development of low-carbon, climate resilient pathways for our present and future generations.


Climas LLC is committed to provide superior quality technical assistance in the design and execution of a variety of climate change policies, programs and projects aimed to develop low-carbon and climate-resilient efforts, to assess climate-related risks and identify opportunities to reduce GHG emissions.


Climate Policy 

Knowledge Management

Climas LLC offers services that primarily focus on strategic advice about climate change mitigation through capacity building methods and managing environmental awareness. We facilitate the process of incorporating an environmental perspective into the goals of businesses and organizations in order to foster technology, leverage and facilitate finance transfer, and develop sustainable projects. Our organization is built on years of experience of its consultancy team in relevant fields such as public policy, law, economy, finance, engineer, transport, and environmental studies.

Due to the diversity of project types and technology options, we work with in-house and external experts. In specific cases we include external experts in our teams with in-depth technical expertise, or geographic presence. We have established formal cooperation agreements and partnerships with key organizations and individual experts within the climate change world. Our experts are contracted for mid to long term assignments and are fully integrated in a client team.


Environmental Compliance