About Us

Climas LLC. is a boutique environmental consultancy firm specialized in climate change, sustainability and carbon management. We focus on strategy development and a variety of forms of mitigation and adaptation activities for a low-carbon, climate resilient future.


We are an organization built on the years of experience of its team in relevant fields such as public policy, law, economics, finance, engineering and environmental studies. We are a small and innovative group with high creativity and flexibility, which helps us answer our clients requirements in a cost-effective way. 

We offer comprehensive services to facilitate the process of incorporating the climate change perspective into the goals of businesses and organizations in order to scale-up international finance, cooperation, technology transfer, and the development of sustainable projects.


Our mission is to contribute to the development of low-carbon, climate resilient pathways for our present and future generations by supporting the public and private sectors with the development of innovative sustainable solutions to their business-as-usual approaches. We support decision makers in designing and delivering climate change compatible development.


We are based in Santa Barbara, California, US, where we serve our clients from around the world including Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, and Africa. We have a network of key associates and consultants working from Latin America and Europe. 

Our Work Ethic

We work to:

  • Deliver high quality professional services

  • Be involved in the global transformation of discussion and action on climate change mitigation and adaptation

  • Contribute to low emission pathways 

  • Create more sustainable economies

  • Reduce poverty and support growth of developing countries

Due to the diversity of project types and technology options, we work with internal and external experts depending on geographic presence. We have established formal cooperation agreements and partnerships with key organizations and individual experts within the climate change and climate finance world. Our experts are contracted for mid to long term assignments and are fully integrated into a client's team.