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Our latest projects

Regional, 2023 -2024

Technical Support for the Call of Projects 2023 of the Mitigation Action Facility. Calculations to estimate emission reduction potential. Collection and analysis of data, analysis of market barriers. Development of business model justifying the financial mechanism. Analysis of barriers preventing investments. GIZ. In partnership with HEAT GmbH.


Dominican Republic, 2023

Cost estimates for the NDC and pipeline of projects for mitigation and adaptation to climate change. OCA Global project, with local support IDDI. Financed by IDB.


Guatemala, 2023

G&T Bank. Review of the Environmental and Social Risk Management System (SARAS) Manual aligned with the criteria of AFC, IDB, and BCIE. In partnership with CentraRSE.


Costa Rica, 2022-2024

Consulting services to support BNCR in the implementation of a climate change strategy. Climate risks (TCFD), climate reporting and MRV, development of sustainable finance products in line with the EU/AFD’s taxonomy and IDFC Common Principles for climate mitigation finance. Identification of dedicated climate funds, financial instruments and donors to support projects in line with the NDC and Decarbonization national plan. Development of online courses, workshops and trainings. Project funded by AFD/EU, credit line and technical assistance from AFD. Technical Support: Ensphere, Steer Davis, Futuris Consulting.


Guatemala, 2022

Development and launch of the Sustainable Protocol of Guatemala. Supporting the private sector, financial institutions, insurance and corporations for the implementation of a Sustainable Finance Strategy (ESG, CDP, PRI, UN and GRI principles). Project funded by IDB Invest, with support of CentraRSE.


Barbados 2020-2022

Update and implementation of Barbados NDC into a 2nd Generation NDC to become a carbon neutral economy by 2030. Project funded by IDB, technical support OQA-EQO.


Argentina, 2022

Analysis and design of the Digital Transformation Programs funded by SEPYME (SMEs Agency). Enhancement of RFPs and documents to be aligned with the Paris Agreement and climate finance mitigation and adaptation. Project funded by the IDB Climate Change and IT Divisions.


Ecuador, 2020-2021

Supporting the National Development Bank of Ecuador (BDE) in the implementation of a Sustainable Strategy to finance green programs and projects post COVID-19. Converting the Bank into a Green Bank by performing a portfolio screening of projects/programs for climate finance and recommendations for green products and a climate finance strategy. Project Funded by: GIZ, FELICITY EU.


Suriname, 2021

Analysis of the climate finance and Investments estimations for mitigation and adaptation measures for the implementation of the updated NDC of Suriname. Project Funded by IDB. Technical assistance: OCA Global.


Argentina, 2020-2021

Development of a Residential Retrofit Strategy for the City of Buenos Aires in line with the Paris Agreement, Argentine NDC (2020) and the Carbon Neutral Pledge by 2050. Project Funded by: C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group.


Suriname, 2019

Preparation of the enhanced Suriname 2021-2030 NDC including the identification of potential financing opportunities and financing structures. Project Funded by: IDB. EQO (OCA Global).


United States, 2014-2020

Supported projects that could benefit from monitoring landscapes and gather accurate carbon vegetation data with ease and efficiency by aggregating satellite, aerial and environmental data, machine learning and Artificial Intelligence into a powerful workflow for collaborative monitoring and digital MRV. (2018-2019). Supported green buildings, passive buildings and construction strategies under LEED and EMU certification.


Guatemala, 2018

Climate Technology Mechanisms and Networks in LAC. Legal analysis of the energy sector and the technical foundation for the formulation of a fiscal policy that encourages the use of distributed electricity generation from renewable sources in Guatemala.


Antigua and Barbuda, 2018 & 2014

Development of a scoping study and technical feasibility assessment for the transition to Electric Vehicle Mobility.Analysis of mitigation and adaptation activities and the building blocks for the implementation of their NDC. UNEP-DTU Program Project.


Granada, 2015

Technical assistance for the analysis of climate change related policies of Caribbean (SIDS) countries for the development of INDCs to catalyze climate finance and investments through market mechanisms, carbon pricing, results-based finance. UNFCCC secretariat and WINDREF Project.


The Bahamas, 2015

Technical assistance for the analysis of climate change related policies of SIDS countries for the development of Intended INDCs in the energy, water, waste, agriculture and transport sectors to catalyze climate finance and incentives. UNFCCC secretariat and WINDREF Project.

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