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Our Team

We are an organization built on the years of experience of its team in relevant fields such as public policy, law, economics, finance, engineering and environmental studies. We are a small and innovative group with high creativity and flexibility, which helps us answer our clients requirements in a cost-effective way. 



Director. Climate Change and Finance. 

Accomplished in climate policy, regulation, carbon finance, mitigation and adaptation. More than fifteen yers of international experience designing institutional arrangements for the implementation of carbon pricing instruments and climate change adaptation strategies.

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Micaela Carlino

Climate Finance and Climate Policy. 

Expert in climate finance and policy supporting organizations in project development and implementation, capacity building and green finance instruments. Focused in Sustainable finance and project assessment consulting.

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Lucrecia Giacomuzzi

Climate Intelligence and Risks

Specialist  in ICT Law and climate risks with a focus on technology solutions to mitigate and adapt to climate-related challenges. With over fifteen years of experience and a strong background in policy research and contract negotiation for government technology solutions

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Carolina Gentile

ESG, Governance and Compliance

+20 years of experience in capital markets, corporate law,  health and compliance. Specialist in  ESG and governance.

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María Dominguez

Research and Data

Climate change and sustainability researcher and data analyst. Specialist in environmental impact assessment (EIA). 

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Florencia   Pinto

Sustainability and Communications

Expert in communications and public relations, focused in sustainability, Ambassador of the Latin America Green Awards.

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Roaster of Experts

At Climas, we pride ourselves on our diverse and seasoned team of experts with extensive backgrounds in Latin America. With a profound understanding of the region's unique challenges and opportunities, we approach each project with a tailored strategy, drawing upon the specialized knowledge and experience of our team members. Our commitment to addressing climate change and mobilizing climate finance in Latin America is unwavering, and we work collaboratively to ensure that our clients receive the most effective and informed solutions to navigate the complex landscape of environmental sustainability and financial resilience.

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